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Empowering Young Minds: Child Emotional Support in Student Training

Help children thrive! Equip yourself with the skills to support students' emotional well-being in this practical training course. Learn to recognize emotions, manage challenging behaviors, and create a positive and inclusive classroom environment. Perfect for student teachers, teacher's aides, and anyone who wants to make a difference in young lives. Enroll today!

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"Ensuring Safety: A Guide for Educators of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students"

Welcome to a course dedicated to the safety and well-being of deaf and hard of hearing students, led by Dr. Rebecca, an advocate for inclusive education. In this comprehensive training program, educators will gain essential insights and strategies to create a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students.

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Our beginner-friendly course opens the door to communication with Deaf communities worldwide. Learn foundational signs, explore Deaf culture, and bridge the gap. This course is perfect for anyone seeking a new way to connect and make a positive impact. Enroll now!

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Teachers Guide
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The constitution of Kenya (2010) commits to promote sign language as means of communication for persons with hearing impairment. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4 on inclusion and equity in provision of education for all. In a bid to form a solid foundation for sign language literacy, the Kenya Christian School for the Deaf has developed this alphabet finger spelling guide for teachers of learners with hearing impairment at the pre-primary level. The guide is expected to equip the teacher with correct finger spelling skills for signing the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. The teacher is expected to use the skills to facilitate learners with hearing impairment at pre-primary level to correctly finger spell the letters of the alphabet.